FELIX Holding subsidiaries and associated companies always have been actively involved in the social life of Latvian society. The company sponsored and helped implementing a number of cultural, social and sport projects. Let us introduce you to some of them:

  • Ogre region organization LIZDA
FELIX Holding annually provides financial support to LIZDA (Latvian Education and Science Workers Union) retired teachers.
  • Ogre’s Society for Disabled People
FELIX Holding annually provides financial support to the members of the Ogre’s Society for Disabled People and finance entertainment and communication-building charity events, thus improving the members social lives.
  • Christmas charity action "Riga – for rural children"
FELIX Holding participated  in the charity event organized by "Latvian Business Women Association".



The fascinating project FELIX JAZZ PARTY resulted in a double CD Album of jazz improvisation by Raimonds Pauls and Intars Busulis, as well as other famous jazz musicians.

The album was released in celebration of the company FELIX Holding 15th anniversary. FELIX Holding founders Eriks Igaunis, Valerijs Igaunis and Aivars Locmelis decided to celebrate company anniversary untraditionally.

FELIX Holding founders are fully convinced that a successful business is a good jazz! Business partners should understand each other as good jazz musicians, it is important to them to sense the rhythm, understand character of the instrument and also they must have mutual trust and must be able to improvise. All participants precise and consistent action creates harmony and ordinary sounds or simple business processes draws creativity and art. 

The album which was made in celebration of the company FELIX Holding 15th anniversary is dedicated to friends, associates and colleagues.


In 2011, FELIX Holding celebrated 20 anniversary, as the result of celebration CD and DVD "SYNERGY AND POSITIVITY" was released

The concert was held in Riga Latvian Society House, in event performed Jolanta Gulbe-Pashkevich with the group. 

This musical greetings was created as a good tailwind wish and inspiration to new discoveries and victories. A creative spirit, professionalism, positive vision of the world Synergy created FELIX Holding.

  • Theatre Festival “GOLDEN MASK”

Russian Theatre Festival "Golden Mask"  in Moscow each spring offers a wide range of performances from different Russian cities. Special attention "Golden Mask" pays to tour activities. The first festival "Golden Mask in Latvia" was held in 2006. Company "Severstallat" is a regular festival "Golden Mask in Latvia" partner and also "Golden Mask" supporter in the Cherepovets. 

  • “HARMONY RULES THE WORLD” the Calendar

With financial support from "SEVERSTALLAT" the calendar “HARMONY RULES THE WORLD” was published and became the object of rarity and now can be found in the collections of the experts.


  • Motocross World Championship in Kegums
Motocross has been one of the most popular sports of Latvia already for several decades. FELIX Holding support "Baltic Cup Foundationorganized motocross races.



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